We are the N/A LAB

a unique art studio that helps cool niche businesses
by creating crossover art projects.

we take your cool niche and combine it with another cool niche,
like this…





SHOE-MACHINE (digital art collectible)

The “Shoe-machine-ONE” project (code name: SHU-ki-ONE) is an art project centered around the iconic Nike dunk sb low sneaker.

In technical terms, we took an image of the dunk sb and digitally manipulated it to make a cool robot face.

then we make
physical art, like this…


a formula that works (Damn well):

YOU: display Sneaker-Mech artwork in your store.
YOUR CLIENTS: “Holy cow! I want that!”
YOU: “It’s not for sale, but you can buy a cool ticket to get entry to a draw.”
YOUR CLIENTS: “How do I buy a ticket? And what makes it cool?”
YOU: “Super easy to buy. And the ticket is actually an NFT of this cool-as-shit digital art!”
YOUR CLIENTS: “Holy smokes! That’s the Freddy Krueger SB Dunk..robot?!”
YOU: “Yep, and there are 15 other colorways!”
YOUR CLIENTS: “WOW! But…how much? I thought NFTs were dead?”
YOU: “Only about $25 (.016ETH).
And NFTs like this that actually
give you real shit are here to stay.
Your NFT is your ticket for a chance to win that cool-as-shit Sneaker-Mech thing,
AND a bunch of SB Dunk Low’s and other cool sneaker prizes.

grab a Shu-ki one and get on board!

check us out on open sea, built on eth poly (no gas fee!)

We are friendly Canadians

Brooklyn + Jess = the N/A Lab
we are two creative guys making good art with the things we love.
and we’re friendly Canadians to boot.